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The true nature of Dolcetto is often misrepresented and hidden by its name. Those who approach it for the first time may presume it is a sweet wine, while in fact it is dry, rich and fruity. De dulcis in fundo plays on this misunderstanding and tells us "We'll talk about the dessert later!". The label both reveals and does not reveal the true nature of Dolcetto in a “see/not see” of the grape bunch. While it is a juicy and very sweet fruit, it is quite unlike the wine itself.




100% Dolcetto grape

Municipality: Diano d'Alba.

Exposure: South - South East

Soil characteristics: Sandstone with white marl strains

Plantation spacing: 2.70 x 0.90 m

Training system: Guyot, espalier, 4100 plants / Ha

Age: 25-30 years

Yield: 75 q / Ha

Alcohol: 13% vol.




Harvest period: The second ten days of September

Selection of the grapes in the vineyard, fermentation and maceration for about 15 days in stainless steel containers, followed by malolactic fermentation in November.

Refinement: 50% aging in 10 hl Slavonian oak barrels, 50% in stainless steel- 6 months




Perfumes: An enveloping olfactory impact along the tones of small red fruit and jam.

It has a beautiful intense ruby red with marked violet reflections.

Flavours: A round flavour that winks at hints of wood and almond, always supported by a smooth acid note.

Pairings: Its richness of taste makes it ideal for hot appetizers, main courses of meat, cold cuts and cheeses


Langhe DOC Dolcetto

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