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Serralunga d'Alba is a source of pride within the UNESCO territory, where man and nature coexist in a balanced relationship aimed at enhancing a cultural, material and economic tradition generated over the centuries. 


Once upon a time the crus were a way to distinguish the vineyard by name, rather than to indicate its value or prestige. This value would come later. The production disciplinary of Barolo DOCG of 2010 approved 181 Additional Geographic Mentions or sub-areas, which can be added to the label.

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Human factors, soil and climate are the elements that make up the unique and unrepeatable terroir of each wine, that here express themselves at their best. In our case revealed by the elegant, austere, but also versatile and contemporary Nebbiolo.


In our vault you will find Barolo by producers of Serralunga d'Alba: enhancing the territory and comparing the crus was the criterion which guided our selection and is aimed at offering you the opportunity to taste them with us. You are most welcome to learn all about them, right there in the cellar.

Image by Jeff Siepman

History and legend get mixed at their roots. Barolo was created in the first half of the 19th century thanks to the relationships and foresight of the Marquise Giulia Colbert Falletti, Camillo Benso Conte di Cavour, and the oenologists Di Staglieno and Oudart.


An ecosystem can be said to be healthy and vital when different animal and plant species are able to coexist in balance. Our hills, covered in vines, rediscover this precious biodiversity, an integral part of their history. The typical products of the area are a living testimony to this reality. You can depend on finding this for yourself, in Serralunga- Casa Mia

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