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Distillation System - Next fractional distillation in two columns of a total of 33 copper plates.

The distillate obtained is about 75-80 degrees alcohol and brought to the degree of consumption by adding pure and softened well water.

Alcol43% vol.

Transparent, clear, bright, crystal clear appearance.

Soft bouquet, intense, enveloping complexity and great personality, floral notes of violet and rose, ripe fruit of plum, sweet spicy notes.

Full and ripe taste, velvety soft, enveloping and deep, balanced and harmonious with mellow notes of acacia honey and liquorice, lingering aftertaste of the original vine.

Bottle - 0,70 l.

Conservation - Keep the bottle standing in the dark, in a cool environment, avoiding sudden changes of temperature.

Serving tips - Recommended at 10 - 12 °C (50 – 53,6 °F). Small or medium-sized tulip glass.

Pairing - Alone after a meal as a digestive. Interesting matching with very mature cheeses, spicy or blue cheeses and smoked meats or very spicy. Nice pairing with desserts, especially chocolate, particularly dark one, sweets containing cocoa, biscuits with nuts like hazelnuts, pistachios, walnuts and almonds. and with a simple dry fruit, especially raisins, chestnuts, dates and dried figs.

Grappa of Barolo

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