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Surface: 29.54 ha
Altitude: approx.  260 - 380 m
Soil structure: formation of Lequio 

An important MGA, in terms of both quality and size.

Divided in two parts, one facing the eastern side of Serralunga, the other exactly opposite - where we find the Lazzairasco, in its lower part; on the border with Parafada it finds its best exposure.

Its exposure between West and Southwest ensures the land excellent protection against the wind as well as an extremely healthy environment for the vine.

In the lower part, the exposure shift to South and Southeast providing an even higher quality of the grapes.

The extremely calcareous soil gives us low production but indisputable quality; Lazzarito is structured and very long aging.


A wine with a much chiseled texture and of power that seduces the palate for its tension rather than its greasiness.
A Barolo di Serralunga with a remarkably unique character.


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