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Prapò was purchased by Giorgio Gagliasso on 24 October 1927 for 9,000 lire by Mr. Carlo Marengo, whose deed reads as follows: "Pra di Po region, vineyard, now reduced to half a field with consistency ... (omitted), with a surface of fifty ares, one hundred eighty-seven for the price of NINE THOUSAND lire paid”.
Nebbiolo grows here today and became Barolo Prapò.


On November 28, 1920 the spouses Giorgio Galiasso and Maria Moscone bought for 10,000 lire from Mr Lorenzo Bracco and Carla Battistina, the land described in the deed as follows: “Meriame region, arable land, now lawn and vineyard, a total of 77.79 ares …. (omitted) for the price of 10,000 lire”. In another part of the deed, and relating to the payment, it is reported: "to Mr Giorgio Gagliasso and Maria Moscone, spouses, to whom this last, with common money, stipulates and pays her husband Giorgio". 

Today the Nebbiolo da Barolo vineyard maintains its biodiversity with fruit trees at the head of the rows, as once was customary.


Prato Done

The vineyard in the Prato Done area, now planted partly with Moscato and partly Nebbiolo, was purchased by Carlo Pira in two portions, one in the early 1900s and one on April 27, 1934 from the anonymous company "Vini Classici" formerly Opera Pia Barolo in liquidation and reads thus : "Portion of lawn of twenty ares, one hundred eighty-seven,... (omitted), for a price of 1,700 lire, paid in deed".

The land as a whole consists of 91.82 ares.

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