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The Serralunghesi origins of Luigi's family can be found on the maternal side of the geological tree with the Pira and Gagliasso families, while on the paternal side we find the Vico and Giacosa families, who have Roerine origins.


The first historical evidence can be traced back to the Pira family, which were mentioned in the 1694 Serralunga cadastre along with a listing of land properties. Through a genealogical research in the historical archives of the parish of Serralunga we can trace the lineage of the Pira family up to the emigration of most of its members, including great-great-grandfather Luigi Pira to La Crau and Hyeres, in France, towards the late 50s of the XVIII century.

Maternal great-grandfather Giuseppe Antonio Pira, known as Carlo, was born here in 1869. Great-great-grandfather returned to Serralunga at the end of the eighteenth century together with his son Giuseppe Antonio Pira, known as Carlo. Carlo married Angela Pressenda on 17 December 1894 and gave birth to 7 children. Their first son, Luigi, died at just 2 years of age and subsequently, di Luigi (born 1897 and died during the war in 1917), then followed: Secondo, Giuseppe, Rosa, Margherita and Pietro. On February 17, 1936, grandfather Giuseppe Pira married Lucia Gagliasso, from the hamlet of Ceretta, and on August 14, 1940 their only daughter Giorgina, Luigi's mother, was born.


The origins of the Vico family can be found in the village of Vezza d'Alba towards the end of the 17th century. On April 13, 1859, Carlo Vico was born, and the third son of Michele was Giuseppe and of Cristina Sola was Carlo. To great-grandfather Carlo goes the credit for having had the intuition of planting Madernassa pear trees in the fields, which in the 40s / 50s of the last century guaranteed the family a healthy income. On April 18, 1898, Domenico Vico was born, the eldest son of Carlo and Maria Novello, who would marry Margherita Giacosa. On 4 September 1928, Luigi's father, Carlo, was born

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