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Type: Amber Vermouth di Torino

Alc/Vol: 16%

Ingredients: Moscato white wine, neutral alcohol, sugar, herbs, spices, citrus peel and medicinal plants, natural flavors

Appearance: Clear

Sensory profile: when just poured, the primary hints of Moscato dominate the glass. Clear scents of white rose, litches and sage give way, over time, to candied orange peel and fresh notes of cardamom and spices, with delicate hints of cinnamon and clove. The bitter finish of cinchona and gentian bark is well balanced by sugar content, which in combination with the excellent acidity of the wine, invites you to a second sip.

Serving temperature: 10-14 ° C

Serving: Excellent when served straight and cold; when blended, it is a good match for gin or, through a classic method, in superior level cocktails.

Pairing: it finds its maximum expression with fresh goat cheeses such as Robiola di Roccaverano, or medium-aged tome. It is also good to have with blue cheeses that do not have an excessively bitter finish. In addition, it fits perfectly with hazelnut cake and it is perfect to dip in biscuits, such as almond cantucci.

White Vermouth di Torino

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